Saturday, February 23, 2008

Here it is!

Okay ladies (and gentlemen, if there happen to be any--if there are, we can say Cuisine Queens and Kitchen Kings on the side in case any of them post--let me know if any of your hubby's would post so I can change that!). You can see what I'd kind of like to do on the side here with everyone's pictures. If it doesn't let you add your picture on the side (which I'm really not sure of), then email me a pic (and a new one if you don't like the one I added--that was mostly for an example!) and what you want it to say underneath it and I can do that.

I think we should label our posts with the type of recipe it is:
Vegetables and Side Dishes
Main Dishes
Breads and Rolls
*This will make certain recipes easier to find--just do that at the bottom of the post that says 'labels for this post'.

I also think it'd be good to just request recipes of some sort, like "does anyone have a recipe for..." and then people can post some if they have them.

I'm totally excited! Happy cooking everyone! I can't wait to get your scrumptious recipes! Oh yah, and pictures of your recipes would be great--I might just use the ones I find online.

Love ya,

PS I need a few people's email addresses still so I can add you as an author for this blog! Let me know it--go to my family blog and click the link in the 'Okay, next step post' :). Thanks!!!

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