Thursday, September 4, 2008

Taco Pizza

Hello Everyone! This is my first post on this blog. Took me long enough! I have just been sitting in the background taking in ideas until today, my big debut. Anyway, I thought I would share a super easy idea I got from a co-worker for taco pizza.


Pizza Crust (which ever kind your prefer)
1lb ground beef
Taco seasoning
1 can refried beans
cheese (use at your discretion and type preference)
1 small can black olives
1 small tomato diced
Sour Cream


We used a Pilsbury Pizza Crust (find them with the pre made cookie dough, etc) and rolled it out on a pizza pan. Next spread a layer of refried beans on to the top of the crust. Add the ground beef on top of that (already browned and seasoned). Sprinkle cheese to your hearts desire on top of that. Finally add toppings you and your family like. We just did olives and tomatoes. Preheat oven according to the label on your pizza crust as well as the bake time on the label. Once it is finished baking add lettuce, sour cream, guacomole, etc. Serve like a traditional pizza and enjoy!


Dillon and Christie said...

Yum! My friends and I just went to the California Pizza Kitchen, and two of them got a Mexican Pizza and it looked so good! I'm excited to try it! Thanks for posting a recipe Jenny!

Christian & Jennifer said...

This looks delicious! We'll have to try it this week! I love "weird" pizzas, so this one sounds great! (We ate one in Breckenridge that had basil pesto AND barbecue sauce on it . . . and it was AWESOME!)